Mischievous Elf Spotted in Supermarket

Christmas Elf in Supermarket at Checkouts Or Christmas Elf enjoying himself on the conveyor belt at the checkouts after causing mayhem in supermarket


Elf in Supermarket Trolley

Elfin admiring the Christmas chocolate shelves in the supermarket

Trying to keep our elf out of mischief

“Christmas  elves that are left at home all day get bored and get into double mischief at night”… After Elfin shared this secret with me, I simply didn’t have the heart to shut him in the house all day. Maybe he would have baked another Christmas cake though?

We didn’t have much exciting to do – life in England is not all parties and fun like it is in the North Pole, so we took the little chap on a trip to the supermarket.

If you think that your children are not well behaved in the supermarket – try taking an elf! Elfin easily won any supermarket nightmare behaviour contest – in fact he made the kids look like angels… We started with the fruit and veg aisles and he was rather well behaved. The fun started when we reached the Christmas sweets aisle… and he tried to pile up all he could in the trolley!

He normally isn’t allowed any human food but since eating all the treats he brought for the kids on his way here, Elfin has developed a sweet tooth.

We piled everything back on the shelves and made a quick exit with only a few items…

Christmas Elf in Supermarket at Checkouts

Our Christmas Elf enjoying himself on the conveyor belt at the checkouts after causing mayhem in supermarket

We put Elfin to bed for an early night… and this is what we found this morning!

Santa's Elf with Sweet Wrappers

Our elf found the remains of the Halloween sweets and had a midnight feast!

Now do you think we should tell Santa? I can already see how I might start finding more sweet wrappers everywhere only to be told. “It wasn’t me. It’s the elf” when I challenge the children.

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